Current stock management is clunky, expensive and frustrating and with no standardisation. We know we have been there.

We know that the supply chain in the food and beverage industry could run better. Countless hours are wasted trying to build work-arounds to understand the latest stock information and ensure you know what is what.


At Bibulo, we believe your business deserves a better solution – a solution that’s ready to go, easy to setup and use. That is why we have built the Bibulo platform which gives you the producer, the distributor, the retailer real time information and all the tools to both market and manage your stock. The platform is also backed by our world-class support team.

How our platform improves your business.


Automated stock management

Track exact stock lists and volumes of suppliers in real time – no more guess work

Automated workflow

Automate your ideas, build routines and checks power by our intelligent platform.

Essential business tools

All the tools you need in one platform from invoicing to marketing campaigns.

Data reporting & analytics

Gather vital data metrics to enable better and quicker decision making.

Third party integration

The platform has the functionality to integrate with other software from CRM systems to online accounting platforms.

Real time notifications

Get notified on changes in the market and act on price signals from the supply chain.

Clients that trust us

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